1)— 2)contact lost

2)Contact Lost – Solanaceae(Version II) | Urban Poetry
Loomis & Jones – The Metal Serpent | Cut Records (PROMO)
Godfather Sage x First Aid – Questions | Noisy Meditation
Kid Drama – Azure Pt.1 (ft. Lucie La Mode) | CNVX
Om Unit – Governer’s Bay | Civil Music
Sieren – U8 | Apollo Records
Insideman – Ghetto Heaven | Liquid Brilliants
Goldie & Jubei – The Prayer (Om Unit Remix) | Metalheadz
Technimatic – Music Is Music | Shogun Audio
Seba – Dangerous Days | Warm Communications
Bop – Song About My Dog (Subwave Remix) | Med School
Oliver Yorke – The Gift | Cosmic Bridge
Thesis – The Bridge (ft. Anastasia) | Influenza Media
Physical Illusion – Pensive mood | Intelligent Rec
Blocks & Escher – Broken (Paradox Remix) | Narratives Music
Loomis – The Illusionist | Loomis & Jones Recordings
Everything But The Girl – Single (Photek Remix) | Virgin
3)Audio & Prolix feat. Nuklear MC Creatures VIP
Telekinesis Warp
> Culture Shock Troglodyte
Friction & Dimension Kinetic
Telekinesis Intruder
Freek Human Being
Phace Das Techno
A.M.C & Turno Ice Cold VIP
No Concept Make Noise
Tantrum Desire Vybez
Doctor P Yim Yam (Teddy Killerz Remix)
Ekko & Sidetrack Exotic Robots
Current Value City Syndrome
Zombie Cats Reflection
Phace FMS
Telekinesis feat. Nuklear MC Look Out
Critical Impact & Break feat. Skibadee Creeper
Pola & Bryson Stratford Riddim
Calibre The Dep
Mob Tactics feat. Elephant Man Crazy Hype (Annix Remix)
Current Value Relinquish
Benny L Rough Edge
Wilkinson Casino
Mizo Conform
Commix Be True (Synergy Remix)
Benny L Summoned
> Calibre Jaboc
DJ Limited Your Love
Drumsound & Bassline Smith Control VIP
Mob Tactics Buckfast
Noisia Oh Oh
DC Breaks Eleven
L Plus Lets Roll The World
> Hamilton Hopelessly Addicted VIP
Wilkinson Tonight
High Maintenance Know The Way

4)High Contrast True Colors
Alibi Morning Glory
Urbandawn They Told Me (feat. Thomas Oliver)
Pat Metheny Group San Lorenzo (Urbandawn Bootleg)
Chase & Status Take Me Away
Concord Dawn You Dont Have To Run
Culture Shock Rework (Feat Brookes Brothers)
Urbandawn Pavlovs Dog (Album Mix)
Urbandawn Power Scheme
Urbandawn X Krakota Coyote
Urbandawn Vona
Urbandawn Gloria
Urbandawn Prime Expansion
Tim Reaper All Right
Total Science Juicy Fruit (Calibre Remix V2)
Dossa & Locuzzed Synthesizer (feat. Dorian)
Beatles Come Together (Urbandawn Bootleg)
Urbandawn White Canvas
Thomas Oliver If I Move To Mars (Urbandawn Remix)
Urbandawn Sleeping Awake
Urbandawn Like What
Urbandawn Roundabout
Urbandawn Gothenburg Cluster
L_Side Spellbound
Urbandawn X Krakota Epigram
Urbandawn Foley Funk
MistICal Time To Fly
Urbandawn Black Notes (feat. Daniel Baeder)
7)Bad Syntax Tracklist
KS & Hanm Cruise Missile [Abducted LTD WORLD PREMIER]
Sequential & MC Revelation Not Real [C2D]
Zombie Cats Vapor [Eatbrain]
Fa11out ft Sandra Nadarevic Insidious Bliss [C4C]
Mizo Conform [Blackout]
Jahe Stepback [Abducted LTD]
Merikan Crunch Time [Blackout]
Sequential Actuate [C2D]
The Clamps Mankind [Kosen]
Bl4ck Owlz Under Control [Red Light]
Tobax Person [Abducted LTD]
Cod3x Propulsion [Blackout]
Zombie Cats & Malux Wasted [Eatbrain]
Sequential ft MC Revelation Transmutation [C2D]
Ekko & Sidetrack Exotic Robots [Viper]
Hanm & KS Stardust [Abducted LTD]
Zombie Cats Reflection [Blackout]
Sequential Wave Function [C2D]
Solar Contact [Trendkill]
Maztek Timeless (Current Value RMX) [0101]
Tobax B-52 [Abducted LTD]
Zombie Cats & Abis Need [Eatbrain]
Instinkt Zeus [Blackout]
Sequential third Kind [T3K]
Volatile Cycle & The Clamps ft Solar Xtreme [C2D]
Jahe Prime Evil [Abducted LTD]
Synergy & Signal All You Got [Eatbrain]
Fa11out Necronaks [C4C]
NC-17 Warmest Color [Mayan]
Lavance & Dyrekt Wookie [Lifestyle]
KS ft MC Stern Violence [Abducted LTD]
Dossa & Locuzzed Cargo VIP [Mayan]
Trei Paradigm [Viper]
NCT & Franky Nuts ft Coppa Bad [Viper]
Fa11out, Optiv & CZA Bleed Like Us [C4C]

DJ Limited & Sub Zero 0 Cant go to sleep [Playaz]
Bl4ck Owlz Under Control [Red Light]
Synergy & Signal All you got [Eatbrain]
Sequential Third Kind [T3K]
No Concept Make Noize [Technique]
Manta ft Frida Vamos Everlasting [Mayan]
Volatile Cycle & The Clamps ft Solar Xtreme [Close2Death]
TR Tactics Vision (Disphonia RMX) [Mainframe]

Dumbsteppaz Tracklist
треклист отсутствует
9)Calibre – Drop It Down (feat. Singing Fats) | Signature Records
Noisia – Massada | Citrus Recordings
Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria (Pendulum Remix) | Virus
Craggz & Parallel Forces – Thundersoul | Valve Recordings
Calyx & Teebee – Desolate | Renegade Hardware
M.I.S.T vs High Contrast – 3 AM | Soul:r
Rogue Soul – Be With You | Integral Records
Culture Shock & Brookes Brothers – Smoothie | RAM Records
Pendulum – Girl In The Fire | Breakbeat Kaos
Metrik – Your World | Intrinsic Recordings

Tune of The Show by Dossa
Earth, Wind & Fire – Shining Star | Columbia
Tune of The Show by Locuzzed
David Bowie – Fame | RCA

Photek Thunder (Clipz & Die Remix) | Sanctuary
Marky & XRS – Striptease | Bingo
BMK, Coda & Krooked – Hush | Breakbeat I/O System
Noisia & Phace – Cannonball | Vision
ShockOne – Way You Move | Viper
Clipz – Push It Up (TC Remix) | Audio Zoo Recordings
Roni Size – Its A Big Up Ting (Utah Jazz Remix) | V Recordings
Random Movement – A Good Start Is Saying No | Innerground
Logistics – Millionaire | Innerground
Marcus Intalex – Paranoid | Revolve:r
Electrosoul System – Goa (Juju Remix) | Phuturo Recordings
Hive & Keaton – Bring It On | Violence Recordings
TC – Gameover | D-Style Recordings
Dillinja – Who You | Valve Recordings
Konflict – Messiah (Noisia Remix) | Renegade Hardware

Payback – Soul Deep vs. Smooth N Groove Promo Mix (06-08-2018)
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

Loomis – atmoteka 5.8 (05-08-2018)
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

Mob Tactics – Mobcast S01E05 (03-08-2018)
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

Urbandawn – Hospital Podcast 371 (03-08-2018)
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

Rockwell, The Upbeats & Mantmast – Critical Music Rinse FM (01-08-2018)
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

FD & Dan Stezo – Sunandbass Podcast 74 (02-08-2018)
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

Bad Syntax & Dumbsteppaz – Abducted WP 191 (Best D&B Podcast) (03-08-2018)
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

turbo alliance – time served (2018-08-03)
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

Dossa & Locuzzed – The Friday Funk Show S02E08 (Oldschool Special) (03-08-2018)
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.